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Birdwatching & Wildlife

For those who love the wild life and experience nature in the most pure essence, there is an association experienced in these kind of expeditions called Ikam Expeditions.

They have 3 types of Programs:

  • Birdwatching & Photography Routes: they offer from 3 days to up to 20 days expeditions to watch hummingbirds, orchids and birds.

  • Wildlife & Phtography: shorter expeditions in regional reserves to watch the high jungle nature.

  • Primate-watching Routes: 8 days expedition in local and private conservation initiatives that protect forested areas, as well as local conservation projects that contribute the research and conservation of primates.

Contact directly with them at +51 969 995 041, +51 42 35 1108 or

Their office is located in Jirón Callao 224 - Moyobamba - San Martín

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